Independent Sponsors

Element 34

Element 34 provides Selenium/WebDriver and custom test automation in Python [and PHP and Ruby] with a dab of Continuous Delivery and training for testers new to programming / automation thrown in for good measure.

Adam Goucher is the creator of the Open Source Saunter automation framework, maintainer of PHP-WebDriver and former maintainer of Selenium-IDE.

Kingston Web Design

Danols Web Engineering: Delivering your ideas out of realm of possibility into reality.

From entry web site presence to multinational e-commerce site, the next social craze or a viral app; it will be built, it will be web engineered, they will come and you will prosper.


Amelanche is a provider of modeling and computing solutions to the financial sector. Amelanche offers consulting and custom software development for modeling, analytics, pricing and market and credit risk management, combining the expertise in stochastic modeling, numerical methods, high-performance computing and quality software engineering.


Montréal-Python, a vibrant Python community started in 2008, is proudly representing over 250 members from all around Québec. Montréal-Python's monthly meetings steadily attract upwards of 60 passionate hackers. In addition to presentation-oriented meetings, Montréal-Python propagates Python skills with coding sprints and an ongoing series of tutorials and workshops geared toward university students, and supports other groups and initiatives like PyCon Canada with announcements, translations and participation. But this is all a pale shadow compared to its proudest achievement: bringing PyCon North of the border in 2014 and 2015!

Verso Furniture

Verso Furniture is making custom furniture easy and affordable. We are developing an intuitive web-based interface that enables unskilled users to quickly create one-of-a-kind furniture, which is manufactured in our fast, low-cost production systems. Launch is scheduled for 2013, and we are actively seeking to grow our programming team.